About Me


GROOVE SCIENCE (aka Alexander), is the 31 year old scientist, independent artist, game developer, entrepreneur, and music producer from Chicago, Illinois.  Originally getting involved in virtual reality in 2013 with the early prototypes of the Oculus Rift, Soundscape marks Alexander’s first official release into the virtual world after conceiving the project in 2014. With a body of work ranging from paintings to custom illuminated gadgets, he has become well-known for his many futuristic works. A longtime member of the festival and Burning Man community, Alexander has delighted fans across North America with his various creations. As a performing fire spinner and flow artist, Alexander is no stranger to translating the sounds of music into beautiful displays of light.

When he is not planning his next way to dazzle the senses, he also enjoys skydiving, often brainstorming ways to combine different artistic and musical experiences while falling from 13,000 feet. Alexander attributes his creative drive to the incredible visuals found in nature both large and small, from the brilliant distant galaxies to the tiniest bioluminescent microorganisms, he strives to create works with the same otherworldly appeal. Described as a magician of light, he is determined to continue to find ways to make great experiences even greater, sharing them for the world to enjoy in a new digital frontier.