Welcome to the best seat in the house

Soundscape is the latest project by GROOVE SCIENCE (aka Alexander), the 31 year old artist, game developer, entrepreneur, scientist, and music producer from Chicago. With Soundscape, Alexander single-handedly created the world’s first virtual music venue, capturing the visual excitement of live music/festival stages and paving the way for the next generation of music experiences.

Soundscape is more than just a VR program, it is a groundbreaking platform that will usher in an entirely new era of music consumption, disrupting traditional venues by beating them in every way. In Soundscape you don’t have to worry about driving, don’t have to wait in line, get hassled by security, pay $14 for a beer, line up to use unsanitary bathrooms, stand behind someone taller than you, or suffer poor acoustics from an aging venue. Soundscape represents a new musical frontier and vision of the future where artists can connect directly with fans. Now their artistic vision is unlimited, not restricted by the deals they can make with labels, venues, or corporations.

Soundscape is about love, expression, wonder, friendship, dancing, good times, and all the amazing memories music facilities.

Welcome to my world.