Coming November 1st is the next evolution of Soundscape, and of music visualizers as you know them. For the very first time, take YOUR music inside Soundscape and play ANY song from ANY music service to immerse yourself inside a brand-new 360 degree world of breathtaking visuals.

Use your motion controllers to effortlessly create and modify the visuals with a new seamless control scheme that allows your eyes to stay focused on the action without having to dig through menus. Lights, lasers, particles, pyrotechnics, as well as many other effects will come to life at your touch as you teleport through space and create countless unique combinations of visuals.

You haven’t heard your favorite songs until you have experienced them in Soundscape.


A huge thanks to the awesome reception of Soundscape at Burning man 2017. It was great to see both VR veterans and newbies alike be amazed by Soundscape on the playa. I worked hard to be able to run Soundscape in the harshest of places and those that found my hidden setup late night on the deep playa were in for a treat. See you next year!


Soundscape v2.0 is available now! Here are some of the highlights from the massive list of changes:

-UNLIMITED REPLAYABILITY: Every song is now a totally unique visual experience, every single time. Watch the same song 9 times in a row and on the 10th you may see something completely new! There are tens of thousands of different unique light combinations! What secrets will you discover?
-ULTIMATE SYNCHRONIZATION: Every single thing in Soundscape from the massive visualizations to the smallest details are now synchronized to the rhythm to make the experience more immersive than ever before.
-Hundreds of new lights, patterns, animations, and effects.
-Menu overhaul
-Bug and crash fixes


10,000 users! Thanks for the overwhelming support, I have been working day and night to prepare my next major update in the coming weeks. Also thanks to everyone who came out at Lakes of Fire and waited in line for 4 hours for their turn to try! Seeing the smiles makes it all worthwhile.


A new track has been added, enjoy the new lights added to go along with this classic. New optimization has been completed allowing greater levels of supersampling on GTX 1080 and higher.

6/4/17: A new track has been added plus a massive list of model overhauls and new lights. Soundscape VR is also coming to Burning Man and Lakes of Fire this year! If you are attending please say hello if you stumble upon our campsite!


The first update for Soundscape is live! A new track has been added, as well as new lights, new effects, new patterns, refined music synchronization and more!


Soundscape VR is available now!

Be on the lookout for what is coming next.